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Zarokome by Adaz MP3 Download - Throwback Nigerian Song: Zarokome by Adaz Lyrics Meaning. "Zarokome (Maria) Ridakome (Maria)," reinforces the

Zarokome by Adaz MP3 Download

Throwback Nigerian Song: Zarokome by Adaz Lyrics Meaning. In the rich tapestry of Nigerian music, certain songs stand out not just for their melodies but for their profound messages. One such timeless track is “Zarokome” by Adaz. This enchanting love song, a staple of early 2000s Nigerian music, beautifully underscores the idea that love knows no boundaries, whether they be geographic, cultural, or ethnic.

Zarokome by Adaz: A Melody of Universal Love

Zarokome” is more than just a song. It’s an anthem for those who believe in the power of love to transcend societal expectations and prejudices. The chorus, with its repetitive and catchy lines, “Zarokome (Maria) Ridakome (Maria),” reinforces the idea that true love is mutual and unequivocal. Adaz sings passionately about finding the right person. He highlights that love is not confined by ethnicity or parental expectations.

Breaking Ethnic Barriers

In the verses, Adaz touches on a common societal issue in Nigeria: the pressure to marry within one’s ethnic group. He narrates how his mother insists he marries someone from their own ethnic background, be it Isoko or Urhobo, emphasizing the importance of understanding the language and culture. However, Adaz counters this notion with a heartfelt plea. He expresses his desire to marry Maria from Benue, someone he truly loves, irrespective of ethnic differences. He believes in teaching and learning from each other, which adds depth to their relationship.

“Mama mama mama wants me to marry..
make I give am pikin to carry…
Shey na by force? u marry mama??
Wait make I find who to marry!!”

These lines capture the struggle between traditional expectations and modern romantic ideals. Adaz’s gentle defiance is a call to parents to allow their children to follow their hearts and choose partners based on love rather than ethnic alignment.

A Call for Parental Understanding

Zarokome” serves as a gentle but firm reminder to parents to support their children’s choices in love. Adaz‘s message is clear: true love and compatibility should take precedence over cultural or ethnic considerations. This is poignantly captured in the lines where he apologizes to his mother for not adhering to her wishes and expresses his determination to find and marry the one he loves.

“Mama say make I marry Isoko..
or make I marry urhobo..
So that she go tell am say Nyanse!
she go fit sabi d language eh eh!!”

Adaz appeals to parents to embrace a more inclusive and open-minded approach, trusting in their children’s ability to choose their own partners. This message remains incredibly relevant in today’s society, where cultural integration and acceptance are becoming increasingly important.


Zarokome” by Adaz is not just a love song. It’s a cultural statement advocating for love that transcends ethnic boundaries. It encourages young people to follow their hearts and urges parents to support their children’s choices. The song’s enduring popularity is evident to its universal appeal and the timeless message that love is the most important language of all. So, next time you listen to “Zarokome,” let it remind you that love can indeed be found anywhere, and it’s worth fighting for.

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