Download: Sheebah – BUSY NYO ft. Kapa Cat MP3

BUSY NYO by Sheebah ft Kapa Cat MP3 Download - Kapa Cat and Sheebah have teamed up to release a scorching new track titled "BUSY NYO."

BUSY NYO by Sheebah ft Kapa Cat MP3 Download

Kapa Cat and Sheebah have teamed up to release a scorching new track titled “BUSY NYO,” and it’s already making waves in the dancehall scene. This dynamic collaboration brings together two of Uganda‘s fiercest female artists, delivering a powerful anthem that’s sure to get you moving.

The Collaboration: A Perfect Match

Kapa Cat looking hot
Kapa Cat

Kapa Cat, known for her rapid rise in the Ugandan music scene with hits like “Single Sikyo,” brings her unique style and lyrical prowess to the table. Signed to TafMusic, Kapa Cat has been a consistent force in genres ranging from Luganda rap to Afropop. Her vibrant energy and compelling lyrics have made her a favorite among fans in Kampala and beyond.

Sheebah Karungi stunning hot in net
Sheebah Karungi

Sheebah, also known as Queen Karma, needs no introduction. With a career that skyrocketed after the release of “Ice Cream,” Sheebah has become a household name in Ugandan music. Her versatility as a musician, dancer, and actress, evident from her role in “Queen of Katwe,” sets her apart as a multi-talented artist. Known for her feminist activism and empowering messages, Sheebah‘s influence extends beyond music.

BUSY NYO by Kapa Cat ft Sheebah Audio

BUSY NYO” kicks off with an infectious intro that sets the tone for the rest of the track. The opening lines, “Long tyme me no see bad gyals like we (what) / Sheebah remix mpisse ne Kapa Cat,” immediately draw listeners in with a declaration of the duo’s undeniable presence in the music industry.

The verses are a seamless blend of Kapa Cat‘s and Sheebah‘s distinct styles. Kapa Cat‘s verse, “Kambuze kambuze / Lwaki olingiza gyentudde / Dayo ewakka okabe,” showcases her stress-free attitude and carefree spirit, while Sheebah‘s chorus, “Nze ndi busy nyo (ddala) / Gwe buuza bano (ddala),” emphasizes their relentless hustle and prominence in the dancehall scene.

A Dancehall Anthem

The repetitive and catchy chorus, “Nze ndi busy nyo (ddala) / Yah mi big inna di dancehall remind dem deh, ragga,” is an evidence in their commitment to the genre and their fans. The track is produced by Kaysam, whose beats perfectly complement the powerful vocals and energetic delivery of both artists.

Lyrical Breakdown

The lyrics of “BUSY NYO” are both playful and assertive. Phrases like “Ndi super busy ndi wa mugaso nyo” highlight their busy schedules and significant contributions to the music industry. The verses also reflect personal empowerment and a no-nonsense attitude towards their craft and detractors.


BUSY NYO” is more than just a song. It’s an anthem of empowerment and celebration. Kapa Cat and Sheebah have delivered a track that’s bound to dominate dance floors and playlists alike. With its infectious beat, powerful lyrics, and the undeniable chemistry between the two artists, “BUSY NYO” is set to become a staple in the dancehall genre.

So turn up the volume, let loose, and get busy with Kapa Cat and Sheebah‘s latest hit. This is one track you don’t want to miss!

Sheebah Karungi, also known as Queen Karma, has cemented her place in the Ugandan music industry with her versatile talents and empowering messages. Kapa Cat continues to rise as a formidable force with her unique style and compelling music. Together, they are unstoppable.

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