Team Eternity Ghana – Defe Defe led by Naana Asiedu

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Defe Defe: A Soul-Stirring New Gospel Anthem by Naana Asiedu and Team Eternity Ghana.

Defe Defe by Team Eternity MP3 Download

Team Eternity Ghana, led by the charismatic Naana Asiedu, has unveiled a new gospel sensation titled “Defe Defe.” Co-written by Vessel Chordrick and Naana Asiedu, this powerful track is set to resonate deeply with gospel music lovers, offering a message of victory and divine intervention that transcends mere words. With its infectious melody and profound lyrics, “Defe Defe” promises to be an anthem of faith and perseverance.

Exploring the Defe Defe Lyrics

The song opens with a heartfelt verse that acknowledges the magnificence of God‘s creation and His transformative power:

Father, the universe You made
Everything displays the wonders of Your grace
You took my sin, my guilt and shame
And You gave me Your name
We go sing halle! 2x

Bɔhyɛ na Wohyɛɛ no aba mu o
(The promise You made has come to pass)
I’ve got my victory in You
Woka me ho nti mensuro
(You are with me so I will not fear)

This verse beautifully encapsulates the essence of the song, reminding listeners of God‘s promises and the assurance of His presence in times of trouble. The mix of English and Twi in the lyrics provides a rich cultural texture, making it relatable to a broad audience.

The pre-chorus reinforces the theme of divine assurance and victory:

Wo na Wode Wo nkwa to hɔ na
(You’re the One Who laid down Your life for me and)
Wosee sɛ menam
(You said if I walk)
Asum kabii bɔn mu
(In the valley of the shadow of death)
Woka me ho nti mensuro
(You are with me so I will not fear)
Bɔhyɛ na Wohyɛɛ no aba mu o
(The promise You made has come to pass)
I’ve got my victory in You
Woka me ho nti mensuro
(You are with me so I will not fear)

In the chorus, the declaration of victory over adversaries is loud and clear:

Monnyae me!
Don’t hold me back! / Allow me!
Ma menda Nyame ase
(Let me thank God)
M’anhyia Nyame anka y’ayɛ me defe defe
(Had I not met God my enemies would have defeated me)
Defe defe
(Defeated me)

A Bold Rap Interlude

The song takes a dynamic turn with a rap segment that underscores the struggles and triumphs of faith:

Agya Onyame (Agya Onyame)
(Father God)
Sɛ m’anhyia Wo a (Sɛ m’anyhia Wo a)
(Had I not met You)
Anka m’awu (Anka m’awu)
(I would have perished)
Sɛ m’anhyia Wo a (Sɛ m’anyhia Wo a)
(Had I not met You)
Anka m’asɛe (Anka m’asɛe)
(I would have been destroyed)
Ɔbonsam pɛ me sɛeɛ enti daada na ɔtataa me
(The devil wants my destruction so he keeps persecuting me)
Nanso Ɔkomafo Yesu abɛgye me ko yi ako ama me
(But the Defender/Advocate Jesus has taken my battle and fought it for me)
Ɔsikani Yesu abɛgye me ka yi atua ma me
(Rich Jesus has taken my debt and paid it for me)
Ɛnti m’ade me ho oo
(I’ve been set free)
Ɛnti monnyae me,
(So don’t hold me back / So allow me)
Mma obiara nha me
(Let no one bother me)
Yesu abro bonsam wɔ asɛndua no so ma w’ayɛ hahaaha!
(Jesus has defeated the devil on the cross and now he is powerless!)

The Musical Team Behind “Defe Defe”

A song of this magnitude requires an equally talented team of musicians and technicians to bring it to life. “Defe Defe” boasts a lineup of skilled artists and engineers:

  • Piano (Producer): Donald Gwaikolo
  • Organs & Pads: Mike “Bsharp” Butsorme
  • Aux Keys: Manuel “theITguy” Mawunyako
  • Bass Guitar: Osei Poku Emmanuel (Ospok)
  • Lead Guitars: Jesse “JhaySquid” Boateng, Nathaniel “GuitMaestro” Quartey
  • Drummer: David Commey (Dave Jazzi)
  • Percussions: Barrister
  • FOH: 3rd Audio
  • Recording Engineer: Outluk Records
  • Stage Engineer: Newline Audio
  • Technical Head: Wavesonic
  • Audio Post Production: Murya Studios
  • Mixing & Mastering: Outluk Records


Defe Defe” by Naana Asiedu and Team Eternity Ghana is more than just a song. It is a powerful declaration of faith, victory, and divine intervention. With its captivating melody, bilingual lyrics, and heartfelt message, it is poised to inspire and uplift countless souls. As you listen to “Defe Defe,” let its message resonate within you, reminding you of the unwavering presence and promises of God in every aspect of life.

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In faith and harmony,

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