Azagaia – Cães De Raça ft. Guto

Azagaia Cão De Raça MP3 Download With the coruscating track drenched in pure hip hop, we pull Azagaia’s “Cães De Raça feat. Guto”.

Azagaia Cão De Raça MP3 Download

With the coruscating track drenched in pure hip hop, we pull Azagaia’s “Cães De Raça feat. Guto”. On a cozy and tightly churned-out beat, the duo had smoothly curved out this song with flawless vocals. The hyped song, Azagaia Cão De Raça MP3 Download Audio, is a lovely piece of Mozambique music that has been well-pounded to rock fans.

What happened to Azagaia?

Mozambican rapper Azagaia has died at the age of 38, Television of Mozambique (TVM) announced this Thursday, March 9, 2023, citing a family source, without clarifying the causes of death.

Azagaia was the artistic name of Edson da Luz, author of intervention lyrics that earned him, among others, the title of “‘rapper’ of the people”.

I am extremely shocked. There is no doubt that Mozambican music and culture are in mourning. The world has lost a unique rapper,” Mozambican Culture Minister Eldevina Materula told Lusa in reaction to the news.

Azagaia became famous for his open criticism of the country’s governance, so much so that in 2008 he was even questioned by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR).

Three days after violent demonstrations that paralyzed the capital, Maputo, due to price increases, launched the theme “The People in Power”.

I was asked if music cannot incite people to violence,” he told Lusa, after being heard at the PGR, where he replied “no”, because “an artistic work is susceptible to interpretation”.

“We no longer fall into the old story / We went out to fight the scum / Thieves / Corrupt / Shout at me for these people to go away / Shout at me because the people no longer cry”, said Azagaia into the microphone.

The rhymes were not broadcast on public radio and television, and deputies from the Mozambique Liberation Front (Frelimo), in power since independence, pointed him out as an interpreter for the opposition.

In 2014, he aroused controversy when he appeared on a television program rolling a cigarette with ‘cannabis’, justifying it with therapeutic purposes and after having already been detained by the police on two occasions.

A few months after the scandal, he announced the end of his career on the Internet.

I think I’m going to give what could cost me my life and prevent me from seeing my children grow up”, he said, without clarifying what threatened him, and saying that everything was already said in the two albums “Babalaze” and “Cubaliwa”.

He moved to Namaacha, his birthplace, 75 kilometers south of Maputo: “If it’s for me to die, I prefer it to be there”, concluded the ‘rapper’, son of a Cape Verdean father and a Mozambican mother.

Also in 2014, he announced that he was suffering from a brain tumor and a fundraising campaign was created that raised 20,300 euros to pay for surgery in India.

The campaign gathered contributions from fans in Mozambique, South Africa and Angola.

Edson da Luz returned to the stage a year and a half later, in a concert at a Maputo nightclub in April 2016, but since then he has remained in a much more discreet position in the Mozambican artistic scene.

Among other titles, fans called him “the ‘rapper’ of the people” and many identified him as the author of the theme “As Lies da Verdade”.

The track came from his album “Babalaze” (which means “hangover” in the Changana language) an adaptation of the poetic work “Babalaze das Hienas” by the late Mozambican poet José Craveirinha.

What if I told you/ That the opposition in this country is hopeless/ Because the people were taught to be afraid of change/ But what if I told you/ That the opposition and the government are not different/ They all eat from the same plate/ And everything is as they want”, says the lyrics of one of the iconic themes of Azagaia.

However, fans also appreciate the music artist for his innovative, never-boring music, which perpetually illuminates the room and keeps fans on their toes. In order to provide us a unique refresh experience, “Azagaia Cães De Raça MP3 Download” has completely been designed to be one of those tracks that you can’t stand to vibe to.

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Azagaia Cães De Raça MP3 Download

Azagaia Cão De Raça MP3 Download

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