Ho’o Pono Pono Prayer (I’m Sorry)

Pono Pono Prayer Download MP3 Pono Pono (I'm Sorry), a song based on H'oponopono prayer. Hawai'ian Meditation, Love, Atonement, Forgiveness, Peace

Pono Pono Prayer Download MP3

Pono Pono aka I’m Sorry, a song based on H’oponopono prayer (ho o pono pono). Ho’o Pono Pono Prayer, Hawai’ian Meditation, Love, Atonement, Forgiveness, Peace.

Ho’o pono pono is the Hawai’ian practice of taking personal responsibility and finding forgiveness. It’s a meditation that anyone can practice to help all of us live in harmony, peace, health and well-being.

Ho’o pono pono is a way of making atonement with ourselves and the people in our lives. It recognizes that blaming others for what has happened in our lives will only make the problem larger. Rather, it is up to each of us to ask: “What is it in me that creates dissention or disharmony,” and then to make amends.

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Pono Pono Prayer Download MP3

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