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Men Don't cry by Alien MP3 Download & Lyrics - New Song Release: "Men Don't Cry by Alienn - A Deep Dive into Masculine Vulnerability.

Men Don’t Cry by Alien MP3 Download & Lyrics

New Song Release: “Men Don’t Cry by Alien MP3 Download – A Deep Dive into Masculine Vulnerability. The music industry constantly evolves, and every so often, a song comes along that resonates deeply with its audience, capturing raw emotions and societal issues. Alienn‘s latest release, “Men Don’t Cry,” is one such song. This powerful track delves into the societal expectations placed on men and the emotional toll these expectations can take.

Understanding Men Don’t Cry by Alienn Lyrics

Men Don’t Cry” opens with a catchy verse that sets the tone for the entire song:

Pain in my heart I lock because where I come from
Dem say men don’t cry got to give it all
Without being a little informed
Responsibility don boku got to face it all ho ho…no

These lines immediately highlight the societal pressure on men to suppress their emotions and take on responsibilities without complaint. Alienn‘s introspective lyrics are a stark reminder of the emotional burdens men often carry in silence.

Journey of Self-Realization

As the song progresses, Alien reflects on the lessons learned with age:

As am getting older
am understanding better
As am getting older
am understanding better

As I’m getting older
nobody send me my brother
As you getting older
nobody send you my brother

This repetition emphasizes the gradual journey of self-awareness and the growing understanding of the complexities of life. The realization that comes with age is a crucial theme in the song, portraying a shift from societal expectations to personal insight.

Isolation and Self-Reliance

A particularly striking part of the song addresses the theme of isolation:

I got to do this on my own I got to do this all alone
Carry my demons all alone
Inside the mind don dey roll (all alone ooo)
I got to do this all alone inside the mind don dey roll

Alienn vividly describes the internal struggle and the loneliness that comes with it. The imagery of “carrying demons” and the mind “rolling” conveys the intense, often overwhelming nature of these battles. This segment of the song underscores the isolation many men feel when dealing with their issues.

Financial Struggles and Perseverance

The song also touches on financial hardships:

Since de money didn’t dey, since de money didn’t dey
And you know say money… better days
Ohh nothing in life is easy coming
That why I keep on walking
24-7 my people calling

These lines highlight the relentless pursuit of financial stability and the stress that accompanies it. Despite the challenges, Alien‘s message is one of perseverance and continuous effort.

Importance of “Men Don’t Cry by Alienn”

Men Don’t Cry” is more than just a song; it’s a powerful commentary on the emotional and psychological challenges faced by men. Alienn‘s heartfelt lyrics and emotive delivery make it a standout track that encourages listeners to reflect on the often overlooked aspect of male vulnerability. By bringing these issues to the forefront, Alienn hopes to foster a more open and supportive environment for men to express their emotions without fear of judgment.


In “Men Don’t Cry,” Alien has crafted a song that is both musically compelling and emotionally resonant. It’s a reminder that everyone, regardless of gender, faces struggles and that acknowledging these struggles is a strength, not a weakness. This track is sure to strike a chord with many, providing comfort and understanding to those who need it most.

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