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Yumba by Phina MP3 Download Phina's New Hit "Yumba": Party Anthem. Following the success of her previous hit "TiTiTi," Saraphina pull another one.

Yumba by Phina MP3 Download

Phina’s New Hit “Yumba”: The Ultimate Party Anthem. Tanzanian sensation Phina, known for her electrifying stage presence and soulful voice, is back with a new single titled “Yumba.” Following the success of her previous hit “TiTiTi,” Phina delivers yet another banger that is sure to dominate the party scene. “Yumba” is more than just a song. It’s an invitation to let loose, celebrate life, and revel in the joyous moments of togetherness.

A Night to Remember with Phina’s Yumba

Yumba” captures the essence of a carefree night filled with dancing, laughter, and the company of good friends. The track’s infectious rhythm and catchy beats create an irresistible urge to hit the dance floor. With every beat drop, listeners are transported to a vibrant party atmosphere where worries are left at the door. And the only agenda is to have fun.

Lyrical Liberation

The lyrics of “Yumba” are evident to the liberating power of music. They weave a narrative of freedom and camaraderie, highlighting the simple pleasures of life, drinking, dancing, and sharing unforgettable moments with friends. Phina‘s powerful vocals breathe life into these themes. Thus, making the song a relatable anthem for anyone looking to escape the mundane and embrace the festive spirit.

Phina’s Musical Journey

Phina, born Sarah Michael Kitinga in 1996, has been destined for musical greatness from a young age. Her journey began at six years old, singing in her school and church choirs. During her secondary school years at Marry Goreth, she led the school choir, “Angels of Herald,” showcasing her leadership and talent early on.

Her musical prowess continued to flourish at the University of Dar es Salaam, where she joined a praise and worship team and triumphed in various karaoke competitions, including the Mi-casa Lounge Karaoke competition. However, it was her victory in the 2018 Bongo Star Search (BSS) that truly catapulted her into the spotlight.

Saraphina aka Phina, born Sarah Michael Kitinga in 1996
Phina (Saraphina)

In February 2021, Phina released her first single, “IN LOVE,” marking the beginning of her professional recording career. But it was her 2022 single “Upo Nyonyo” that earned her widespread acclaim, even being named one of the top Tanzanian songs of 2023 by Notjustok. That same year, she rebranded from Saraphina to Phina, embracing a new chapter in her musical journey.

Collaborations and Growth

2023 has been a milestone year for Phina, filled with significant collaborations with prominent artists like Otile Brown, Jux, and Jay Melody. These partnerships have not only broadened her musical horizons but also solidified her status as a rising star in the Tanzanian music scene.


Yumba” is more than just Phina‘s latest song. It’s a celebration of her artistic evolution and a nod to her roots. The song digests the spirit of living in the moment and enjoying the company of friends, making it the perfect anthem for any party. As Phina continues to enchant audiences with her dynamic performances and heartfelt music, “Yumba” stands as an evidence in her talent and unyielding passion for music. So turn up the volume! Let go of your inhibitions. And dance the night away to the vibrant beats of “Yumba.”

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