Photos: Tiwa Savage Steps on Necks with her Striking Bikini

Tiwa Savage Ignites Social Media with Striking Bikini Look

Nigerian songstress, Tiwa Savage has once again set the internet ablaze with her latest series of captivating bikini-clad photos. Renowned for her prowess in blending Afrobeat with R&B, Savage has garnered immense admiration from her followers with her recent social media reveal.

Tiwa Savage Sets Fans Alight in Stunning Bikini Ensemble

In one particularly sultry shot, Tiwa Savage showcases her enviable figure as she squats with her back turned to the camera. Thus, eliciting a wave of admiration from fans.

The post, playfully captioned “Hey Bighead” accompanied by an emoji, features the songstress donning a daring bikini ensemble crafted by vintage designer Christian Aduguirre.

Completing her look are striking pink calf-length boots and an elegant boho dress braid, complemented by a timeless makeup style.

tiwa savage striking pink calf-length boots and an elegant boho dress braid

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Tiwa Savage further delights her audience with a lively video of herself dancing to Justin Bieber‘s hit track “Peaches”. She exuded infectious energy and joy.

In another clip, she captivates viewers with a seductive gaze as she confidently strides towards the camera.

tiwa savage naked pose

However, amidst the buzz surrounding her latest social media activity, Tiwa Savage finds herself amidst controversy. Recent remarks by Ms. Jorgi, the self-proclaimed Queen of Afro Trap, have sparked debate.

Ms. Jorgi criticized Tiwa Savage and fellow artist, Tems for what she perceives as a lack of support for emerging female Nigerian artists. She accused them of prioritizing collaborations with trending artists instead.

These comments add a layer of complexity to Savage‘s online presence, highlighting the ongoing discourse within the Nigerian music industry.

Tiwa Savage sexy abs in bikini

This isn’t the first time Tiwa Savage has made headlines beyond her music. Earlier this year, she made waves with revelations about her luxurious travel habits, including an entourage often consisting of 15 boxes.

Speculation arose about the possibility of her needing a private jet for her extensive touring commitments. Further solidifying her status as a global sensation.

Tiwa Savage Cross legs while her hands her breasts

In a historic moment for African music, Tiwa Savage etched her name in the annals of music history in May 2023. She became the first African artist to perform at the coronation of a British monarch, delivering a soul-stirring rendition of her song “Keys to the Kingdom.”

Dressed in a mesmerizing green outfit, Savage‘s performance was a proud moment for Nigeria on the international stage. She showcased the depth of talent within the African music scene.

Tiwa Savage Bikini attire

Tiwa Savage, the Nigerian music icon, has caused quite a stir on the internet with her latest jaw-dropping bikini attire. Renowned for her unique fusion of Afrobeat and R&B, the celebrated artist has once again ignited a frenzy with her recent social media revelation.


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