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Omwami by Winnie Nwagi MP3 Download Lyrics - Powerhouse vocalist from Uganda, Winnie Nwagi, has once again graced us with a new song.

Omwami by Winnie Nwagi MP3 Download

Powerhouse vocalist from Uganda, Winnie Nwagi, has once again graced us with a new musical gem titled “Omwami.” Skillfully produced under the renowned Swangz Avenue label, “Omwami” is a vibrant and affectionate ode to love, blending catchy melodies with heartfelt lyrics.

Winnie Nwagi’s New Song ‘Omwami’: Heartfelt Lyrics

The song’s lyrics are a beautiful evident to the power of love, capturing both its simplicity and grandeur. Lines like “Love etwambaza amataayi / Oluusi ne twambala bow tie” illustrate love’s ability to transform mundane moments into something special, whether it’s dressing up in everyday attire or for a fancy dinner. Winnie’s poetic words, “Eno love y’eyankubya enkuba / Ninga gwe wassa mu ccupa,” vividly express how love can feel like a refreshing rain or a treasured elixir bottled up for special moments.

Opening verse:
Love etwambaza amataayi
Oluusi ne twambala bow tie
Tunyumire mu buteeteeyi
Oba ka dinner dressing?

Eno love y’eyankubya enkuba
Ninga gwe wassa mu ccupa!
Lino eggi waliryamu njuba
Wampima nzitowa quarter

Wantuma n’ompa ne balance darli bwotyo
Wali ku ssaawa ya queen ka kiss bwotyo

Yadde waggulu wa ppaaka w’ogula obulabo kimala
Tontwala mu cinema tugende ewaka
Ku ka Ludo omwami yeah eh
Mwami bwotyo, bwotyo

The Catchy Chorus – Omwami by Winnie Nwagi

The chorus of “Omwami” is irresistibly catchy, ensuring the song stays with listeners long after the music stops. The repetition of “Omwami omwami / Owange wuuno” not only emphasizes the theme of love but also showcases the deep affection and pride in calling someone “my love” or “my husband” in Luganda, Winnie’s native language.

Omwami omwami (eeh eh)
Omwami wuuno (owange wuuno ah)
Omwami omwami
Owange wuuno
Omwami omwami (omwami wange)
Omwami wuuno
Omwami omwami (yeah eh)
Owange wuuno (eh)

A Journey of Love

Verse 2 adds depth to the narrative, highlighting the speaker’s unwavering devotion and the practical support received from their partner. Lines such as “When I need some money / You bring me money / When I need honey / You bring me honey” show a relationship built on mutual care and reliability. The metaphor of being given a parachute when suspended in the air speaks to the partner’s role in providing safety and security.

Verse 2:
Ntunuulira oba tondaba yambala gaalubindi
Abannimbalimba bangi nja kukolera report
Wanfuula kya maguzi ekyo kibaako receipt
Wampanika mu bbanga wanteekamu parachute

Mwami eh, wankyusa omulembe
When I need some money
You bring me money
When I need honey
You bring me honey
By’onkoledde bimala mazima bimala
Mwami yeah

Bridging Cultures and Traditions

In Verse 3, Winnie seamlessly bridges modern love with cultural traditions, hinting at celebrating love in both religious settings—be it a Mosque or a Church. This verse beautifully captures the universal nature of love, transcending religious and cultural boundaries.

Verse 3:
Nze kati nava ku dunia
Batuwoowe mu muzikiti gwa Diniya
Oba tugende mu kkanisa
Tukimalire mu kkanisa

Akimmalire (leero)
Awo maama eeh (ky’ekyo)
Akimmalire (leero)
Awo maama eeh (ky’ekyo)
Owange akimmalire (leero)
Awo maama eeh (ky’ekyo)

Love etwambaza amataayi
Oluusi ne twambala bow tie
Tunyumire mu buteeteeyi?
Oba ka dinner dressing eh?
Love eno ah
Love eno ah

Winnie Nwagi Bio: A Rising Star

Born on July 20, 1989, Winnie Nwagi’s journey to stardom has been marked by resilience and talent. Raised by a single father, she faced many challenges, including dropping out of school and being kicked out of her father’s home as a teenager. Despite these hardships, Winnie pursued her passion for music with unwavering determination.

Winnie Nwagi performing live on stage while showing off her abs
Winnie Nwagi on stage

Her big break came when she participated in a talent search reality TV show, where she emerged as the second runner-up. This achievement led to her being signed by Swangz Avenue, one of Kampala‘s premier record labels.

Achievements and Influence

Since her breakthrough, Winnie Nwagi has won numerous awards, including Song of the Year and Breakout Artist. She has quickly become one of the most followed musicians on social media and is in high demand not only in Uganda but also in neighboring countries. Winnie has also served as an ambassador for several companies, such as Crown Beverages Limited (Pepsi), Startimes, and Sports Club Villa Jogoo Limited.


Omwami” is more than just a song. It’s a celebration of love’s beauty and resilience. Winnie Nwagi’s heartfelt lyrics, combined with her powerful voice and Swangz Avenue’s impeccable production, make this single a must-listen. Whether you’re a fan of Ugandan music or discovering Winnie Nwagi for the first time, “Omwami” is sure to resonate with you and leave you humming its catchy chorus long after the last note fades away.

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