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Wayo by Tekno MP3 Download Lyrics - Exploring Tekno's Latest Hit: "Wayo". Nigerian musical sensation has done it again with his new song.

Wayo by Tekno MP3 Download

Exploring Tekno’s Latest Hit: “Wayo”. Nigerian musical sensation, Tekno, has done it again with his latest track “Wayo.” Born Augustine Miles Kelechi Okechukwu on December 17, 1990, Tekno has consistently made waves in the music industry as a singer, songwriter, and record producer.

His knack for blending catchy beats with heartfelt lyrics has garnered him a global fanbase, and his song “Enjoy” even featured in the Emmy-winning TV series Ted Lasso. Now, with “Wayo,” Tekno continues to showcase his talent and versatility.

The Essence of Tekno’s “Wayo”

Wayo,” which translates to “deception” or “trickery” in Nigerian Pidgin, delves into the complexities of love and trust. Tekno uses this track to explore the challenges and emotional rollercoasters that come with romantic relationships. The song opens with a soulful intro, setting the tone for a heartfelt narrative about love’s trials and tribulations.

Wayo by Tekno Lyrics Breakdown

The chorus of “Wayo” is a poignant reflection on the difficulties of love:

Love e no easy e
Love e no easy, oh
Na why I dey on my guard
No lose guard, oh
If you don’t want to cry
A beg, oh
I no come do wayo
I no come do wayo, oh
If I invest in my love
Shey I go see return?
Tell me now
I no come do wayo, oh
A beg, oh

Here, Tekno emphasizes the struggles and the necessity of being cautious in love. He expresses a desire for genuine affection, free from deceit, and questions whether his emotional investments will be reciprocated.

Love me now, my baby, yeah oh
Ohemaa, yeah oh
And I promise, you no go tire again
Give me peace, my baby, yeah oh
Ohemaa, yeah oh
And I promise, you no go tire again

In the verse, Tekno candidly questions the authenticity of love and the intentions behind it:

Do you really believe in this thing they call love?
Or you just dey whine
You never ready, you just dey migirimo
How do you feel?
Tell me, what’s the reason you wan dey play my heart?
I be human like you
You no dey reason, you no dey feel my pain
I don kolo oh-oh

These lines reveal a vulnerable side of Tekno, showcasing his frustration and confusion over unrequited love and emotional games. His plea for honesty and mutual respect resonates deeply with anyone who has experienced the uncertainties of romantic relationships.

Musicality and Production

Tekno’s skills shine through in “Wayo.” The song blends Afrobeats with a touch of highlife, creating a sound that is both rhythmic and soulful. The melodic structure supports the emotive lyrics, enhancing the overall impact of the song. Tekno’s vocal delivery is both smooth and passionate, further drawing listeners into the narrative he weaves. Skillfully produced by Shugavybz.

A Personal Touch

Wayo by Tekno Lyrics Breakdown

Tekno‘s ability to infuse personal experiences and emotions into his music is part of what makes “Wayo” so compelling. His question, “If I invest in my love, Shey I go see return?” reflects a universal concern, making the song relatable to a wide audience. The recurring promise of not engaging in deceit (“I no come do wayo”) is a powerful affirmation of his desire for honesty and sincerity in relationships.


Wayo” is a testament to Tekno‘s evolving artistry and his commitment to addressing real-life issues through music. The song is a beautiful blend of thought-provoking lyrics and captivating melodies, making it a must-listen for fans and newcomers alike. Tekno’s “Wayo” not only highlights his musical prowess but also his ability to connect with listeners on an emotional level.

Finally, as Tekno continues to create and innovate, “Wayo” stands out as another remarkable addition to his impressive discography.

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