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Controlla by FAVE MP3 Download Lyrics - Chidozie Godsfavour Ugochinyere alias FAVE springs up with a new sensual dance of love and power.

Controlla by FAVE MP3 Download

Nigerian singer-songwriter Fave, born Chidozie Godsfavour Ugochinyere, has once again graced the music scene with her latest single, “Controlla.” Known for her soulful voice and gripping lyrics, Fave gained widespread recognition during the COVID-19 lockdown by sharing minute-long videos on Twitter, where her raw talent quickly compelled a growing fanbase. Her new track “Controlla” is an evident to her evolving artistry and her ability to blend contemporary sounds with deep, emotive storytelling.

A Deeper Dive into FAVE’s New Song “Controlla”

Controlla” opens with an intoxicating rhythm that immediately sets the tone for a sultry, engaging experience. The lyrics draw listeners into a narrative of love and power dynamics, where Fave explores themes of control and desire with poetic finesse.

Verse 1:
“I can see you like it
Your control on my body like a psychic
Asake baby
Never seen you coming
That motorcycle better keep it running
For me”

In the first verse, Fave introduces a relationship marked by a strong, almost telepathic connection. The metaphor of control likened to a psychic hints at an intense bond where the partners understand each other on a deeper level. The reference to a motorcycle adds a sense of urgency and excitement, suggesting that this relationship is both thrilling and unpredictable.

The Chorus: A Yearning for Love and Control

“Your loving over
Your loving over me
I want it all ah eh
I want it over again

Your loving over
Your loving over me
I want it all ah eh
Come take control of me”

The chorus is a powerful declaration of Fave‘s longing for her lover’s affection and control. The repetition of “I want it all” underscores a deep yearning for completeness and an all-encompassing love. This section of the song is both an invitation and a plea, as Fave expresses her desire to surrender to the intensity of her partner’s love.

Verses of Empowerment and Vulnerability

Verse 2:
“I’m two steps ahead of you
You know that I wanna keep you close
So, I let you take control
‘Cause it makes you happy
You no gree but still you know
Say I fit take care of you
But I want a puppet show
Just keep me happy”

In the second verse, Fave navigates the delicate balance between empowerment and vulnerability. She acknowledges her awareness and strength (“I’m two steps ahead of you”), yet she chooses to let her partner take control, finding happiness in their satisfaction. This dynamic is further explored with the line “I want a puppet show,” suggesting a playful yet intentional decision to let her lover lead.

The Bridge: A Playful Exchange

“Let’s go
Let’s go
Speak in tongues
Like boy alinco
Let’s go
Let’s go
Speaking on my dualingo
Let’s go
Let’s go
Ah, I can see you like
I know you like”

The bridge brings a playful energy to the song, with Fave encouraging a spontaneous and adventurous spirit. The references to speaking in tongues and “dualingo” (a playful nod to the language-learning app Duolingo) add layers of meaning, hinting at communication that transcends words and a connection that is both intellectual and physical.

Conclusion: A New Anthem for Modern Romance

With “Controlla,” Fave has crafted a song that is as complex as it is catchy. It delves into the nuances of love, control, and the delicate dance between independence and surrender. Fave‘s rich, emotive voice, combined with the song’s compelling lyrics and infectious beat, ensures that “Controlla” will resonate with listeners and become a new anthem for those navigating the intricacies of modern romance.

As Fave continues to rise in the music industry, “Controlla” stands out as a shining example of her unique talent. And her ability to connect with her audience on a profound level. This track is not just a song. It’s an experience. A journey into the heart of love and the power dynamics that come with it.

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